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Best hair care tips, reviews and guide

Taking care of your hair attracts different opinion from different people, they tend to give their views on the best way to make it look attractive and lovely. Some will tell you to oil your hair while some most especially your hairdresser will tell you to get the latest hair spa thing, like the Moroccan oil and so on. But the fact is that reality speaks a different story. In this piece of writing up, we shall explain some integral parts of how well you can maintain your hair so it can give you a good look.

What is the best way to hair care?

It is natural if you lose between 100 to 150 strands of hair in the process of taking care of it the natural way, so if you are experiencing this do not panic it is normal. These few steps will help you take care of your hair the natural way.

1. Wash your hair every three days: In the hair industry, how many times you wash your hair is a perennial question of the hair industry. Your hair has natural oils designed to condition and protect your tresses. So when you do a daily shampoo, you are risking losing all the essential oils in the hair. That is why you need to give a three day gap so that your hair can have a healthy look.

2. Shampoo your scalp regularly: Make sure you use the right shampoo when washing your hair, the volume of shampoo to use depends on the thickness of your hair. Starting with a 20p coin is good, although long hair requires a 50p-size dollop at the same time avoid the use of hot water, it damages the hair quickly.

3. Dry your hair with a towel before applying a conditioner: Excess water in your hair will not allow hair conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver the necessary moisture to keep your hair look healthy and shining. Invest in good conditioners and leave in treatments or hair mask most especially if you have colored hair. It’s important that you use leave-in conditioners and also not to shampoo it so often after you have tried to dry it with a towel.

4. Brush your hair twice daily: Healthy hair needs regular brushing from the bottom up. Use a comb; don’t use a brush most especially when your hair is wet. Treat your hair nicely so it can repay you with a healthy and shiny look.

5. Dry your hair with a low heat setting pointing the nozzle downward: One of the greatest damage you can cause to your hair is to overheat it with excessive blow drying. But before blowing the hair,apply a protective styling product before blow-drying. Also, ensure that you keep the dryer 2 inches away from your hair and maintain the nozzle three inches away from your hair too, but this is not practically accessible for you, as you will need someone to help you out with it.

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