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Facial makeup secrets That no one else knows about

Why use facial makeup

Almost each lady has a makeup kit, whether they are starting out or are professional in applying makeup. Having a full makeup kit can be very expensive because it means buying various cosmetics, supplies, and makeup in the right shade and tone that will help you look good and at times this can be overwhelming. There are essential makeup supplies that are universal and can be found in each makeup kit, and your choice will depend on what works for you, what you can afford and what you are using. There are also different makeup brands that make up a makeup kit.

What is facial makeup?

Facial makeup is the application of makeup on the face only so as to color and highlight the facial features. The primary objective of applying makeup is to emphasize the good facial features and minimize the less attractive features. Makeup starts from a primer to the application of the mascara so as to give a natural look. There are many facial makeups in the market from different brands so it would be best to do a little homework to help you get what works for your skin complexion, skin type, and the right formula. This will help you not look unnatural when you apply them.

Types of makeup for the face

There are various types of facial makeup, and these include:

• Concealer which is used to cover up or conceal any face imperfections and they work by adding shininess or reflect light on the skin.
• Foundations which are in the form of powder, cream or lotion and they are used to color the face so as to conceal any blemish and give an impression of youth and health.
• Face powder which is meant to change the appearance of facial skin and they work by altering the shininess of the skin or reflection of light on the skin.
• Cheek color which accent and highlight the cheekbones and cover up any skin imperfections. It usually reddens the cheeks hence giving a youthful appearance.

Natural looking makeup tips

Applying makeup is an art, and there is no specific way of applying makeup that suits everyone because we all have different and unique facial features. Below are tips for applying makeup that will help you look natural:

• Make sure that your face is clean and you have applied a moisturizer with an SPF before applying any makeup. Apply a primer to help makeup stay all day.
• To conceal the dark circles under the eye and this is by applying a concealer under the eyes in the shape of a triangle. This helps brighten the face and draw attention to the eyes.
• When wearing a foundation, apply a little amount to avoid the “caked-on” appearance when it’s too much. Also, make sure that it matches your skin tone because if it doesn’t, it will cause a noticeable makeup line.
• The blush applied to the cheekbones should be of a warm color and is applied sparingly so as to give a natural look.
• Apply a thin layer of mascara so that your eyes do stand out and still look natural.
• For the lips, pick a shade of lipstick that matches your lips and use your fingertips to apply the color rather than applying from the tube.

What are the products used for makeup?

There are various products used in applying makeup and these include:
• Cleansing agents such as makeup removing wipes, cotton balls, cleanser, and moisturizer. These help in removing makeup and also cleansing the skin, hence leaving the skin feeling fresh.
• Makeup tools such as brushes, sponges, blotting papers. Brushes are essential for applying makeup, and they come in different sizes depending on the area it is being used for. Bloating papers help reduce the shiny look on your face.
• Makeup elements such as primer, powder, foundation, mascara, concealer. These help in giving one an even skin tone, smoothing the skin, hiding blemishes, and adding dimension to your face. Eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow pallet is used to draw attention to your eyes and also make your eyes pop out. False lashes can be used to give a dramatic look to your eyes. Lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss are used to hydrate and add color to the lips. You can have a single colored lipstick or buy a pallet that will give you so many alternatives.
• Spray such as fixing and barrier spray. This will help your makeup last for a long time, even if you do sweat, cry or have an oily skin.

Advantages of makeup

Wearing makeup has various advantages and some of these include:
• It helps create a favorable first impression as it enhances your beauty by hiding the spots and fine lines hence making you look presentable. A presentable face is what some employers look for so makeup may land you a job.
• It boosts your confidence and self-esteem because you feel good when you hide your flaws and blemishes. It also gives you a smooth skin texture hence you will feel good about yourself, and people will always be giving you compliments.
• Makeup shows that you care about yourself and how you look hence more people will pay more attention to you. It also indicates that you have put much effort in how you look, so people will have an interest in you and try to build a relationship with you.
• It helps you become creative and explore more because makeup is an art,hence enables you to have fun as you try out different makeup application techniques so as to create a beautiful masterpiece and also express yourself.
• Make up helps highlight and define your natural facial features and also enhance the natural beauty. This makes you appear more confident even if you don’t feel like it.

Role of makeup in beauty essentials.

It is important to have makeup as part of your beauty essentials even if you are a beginner. It is part of the daily routine, and for some women, it is part of their life as it helps them in various ways. Makeup plays a significant role in how we feel about ourselves, how we look and how other people see us, whether we apply bold makeup or just some touch-up. You don’t have to own a lot of makeup but just what works for you and makes you feel good.

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